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dr strange x anorexic reader Lem's 1964 story, published in English for the first time, tells the tale of a scientist in an insane asylum theorizing that the sun is alive. Exessen. Professor X threw every single X-Men at the Hulk. D. More specifically, the hospital where Stephen Strange, a long dead ghost to her, haunts the halls. ort9404. Blake x doctor strange! Male! Reader from the story RWBY x male! Reader by Algernon209 (Algernon) with 2,207 reads. When Steve first moved back into Stark Tower, the last thing he expected was to befriend Tony's young intern, Peter. Originally posted by mrs-starkspangledbanner. Feel free to send me a PM if you need. Today, you finally meet the face behind the computer. By: Stanisław Lem, Translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones. Dr Strange 13 Ancient One Eternity Clea VF+ 1976 Glossy. Love can break more than your heart. U want a spell to bring back ur child to life. “Mordo’s been telling me you’ve been having problems with casting spells. 1. I love Hugh Jackman as Logan. “Oh . Pairing: Doctor Strange x fem! Reader. Warnings: Sad Loki : ( but also soft Loki. Oranges to orange juice. Slipping Through My Fingers (Doctor Strange x Daughter! Reader) Summary: In which Strange looks back on his life with you, his daughter on your wedding day and maybe he is not ready to let go yet. When he sees you flirting with Loki he gets increasingly jealous/angry. But that isn't always a good thing. About. Arrogant Arse - Doctor Strange x Reader. Eventually, Udonta caught up with Quill, but he was convinced to help him in the battle against Ronan the Accuser, who was . In his dreams he sees glowing red eyes and giant fangs coming from the darkness. 112 notes. May 25th, 2020. 23, 25 and 27 for Dr. When Quill betrayed the Ravagers and stole the Orb for himself, Udonta led the hunt for his former ally. P. GIF IS NOT MINE! List of Fandoms. Summary: Your role as Dr. With former world-famous neuro surgeon as your friend and secret admirer, he helps you on whatever. a. to a sixteen-year-old girl being coached by a cop, and five years after he swallowed morphine, methadone, diazepam, and gabapentin, slumped out of his loveseat, and froze face-to-floor in rigor mortis, he transmits a love song from outer space, implanting a coded message in a Beyoncé single. Word Count: 2903. The sudden movement of the cloak made you giggle nervously. pauling pauling tf2 pauling team fortress 2 pauling pauling x reader tf2 pauling x reader team fortress 2 pauling x reader. The idea for Venom came from Randy Schueller, a reader, . Strange could be a true pain in the ass most of the time. Talk to Me Read More. ElfQuest (1978) Ex Machina (2004) Final Crisis (2008) Flippity and Flop (1952) For Better or For Worse The Complete Library. Using the power of the Dark Dimension, the Ancient One splits Strange into two alternate versions: one Strange accepts Palmer's death while the other gains power by absorbing mystical beings, becoming Strange Supreme. 30(h) x 2. Beyond The Wall Of Dreams [Dr. Words: 2,665. Stange), please 💗💗💗💗💗. Now all that stands in the way is Doctor Strange — and what eventually costs him his Sorcerer Supreme title in World War Hulk #1-5, written by Greg Pak and drawn by John Romita Jr. Dec 1, 2019 - Read A magician never reveals his secrets. Keep reading Beast of Nohel (created by Cyrus Black) Belasco (Otherplace, X-Men/New Mutants/Ka-Zar foe) Belathauzer (demon, Devil-slayer foe) Bentley, Clive (Dr. Doom 2099 (1993) Dr. Then u disappeared with a stolen book from sanctum. Summary: Your marriage has suffered after a violent evening at the Kreizler residence. Strange n wong track u down. Doctor Strange, was the Sorcerer Supreme for Earth-616. It’s photoshopped. 8K 168 6 One shots about Doctor strange xreader i can do other one shots for you guys if you request just message👌😗 Strange sat on top of you, waiting. I'm viewed as the girliest of girls and no one dare thinks I would think about anything naughty. Like. Stephen J. Seeing Ghosts (Stephen Strange X F!Reader) Summary: Thrown off course en route to 2012, (Y/N) finds herself in a hospital. Inscribed Diatribes. Keep reading Nov 14, 2018 - Read The Power Of Deduction from the story Doctor Strange X Reader First Book by SarahCroft08 with 2,984 reads. "See you in a bit, love," he purred. _. He noticed with concern that the boy was no longer moving. again I will start to do more imagines. He sees your determination, though. Tony-Stark’s-Son (Peter Parker x Reader) Description: For years you have been locked in a sniping war over eBay with the same account. “Comic appears in VF+ condition or higher, nice looking copy, nice gloss and eye appeal, rich ”. Jump between dimensions with all your favorite Doctor Strange merchandise. A reader recently made a comment which prompted me to write this post. In September 2013, an outbreak of a mutant Cordyceps fungus ravages the United States, transforming its human hosts into aggressive creatures known as the Infected. Marvel Fanfics. His crystal blue eyes left a mark on you, making you want more. You were Peter’s girlfriend of about one year, and you were left alone when the great snap happened. But on a new 'Marvel Imagines' book. Only for readers 18+. Notes: this will be the final chapter thatll have the swearing warning btw also sorry storys are coming out so slow once i get my laptoo they should come out faster. KidTheScienceSid. After the demonic, mutant laden Inferno crossover, Doctor Strange was in a weakened condition. level 2. Darshan Gajara Pro . 5. – Peter Parker x Reader. Publication dates: Watergate era, July 1973 to October 1976. Dr Carmel Harrington said the COVID-19 crisis sparked a rise in unusually strange dreams around the world - as millions of people shelter at home due to strict social distancing to minimise the . Even when they promote the film, they’re quick to disown the source material. Genre: Fluff/Angst. U r unable to make d spell work. girl/ @bucky. Originally posted by bateribageti. Ditko (/ ˈ d ɪ t k oʊ /; November 2, 1927 – June 29, 2018) was an American comics artist and writer best known as the artist and co-creator, with Stan Lee, of the Marvel Comics superheroes Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Hello love!! Could you please write a Doctor Strange imagine where the reader is dating Stephen and she’s a badass sorcerer? And she has a cloak of levitation too? And they’re like a super badass couple? Love your blog, by the way!! Note: I only watched Thor: Ragnarok once, and I guarantee you I will watch it again. DOCTOR STRANGE #84. Also, you're married to Stephen and have a daughter. And your potential. Stephen Strange, M. I clutch my stomach and hope to get home soon. Bentley, Victoria (Doctor Strange/Black Knight character) - by Clay Jodee. llovelykenobi said: Ooooo can I request a Doctor Strange x Reader where they’re reunited after the events of Infinity War please? Answer: Stephen Strange x Reader, Gender Neutral A/N: So, this is my. he had an anorexic design, but in later appearances was more monstrous and more alien looking. Strange numbers 1 through 17 had been based around Strange and his love Clea travelling through America's past to learn about the country's history of occultism, and this journey of mystic . Hope you enjoy! ;) I do not own any Marvel character, just the. "It'll take a while to kick in," he chuckled. Strange, please and I'm so excited for your series, I just stumbled onto your blog and I love it! [Warning: Slight mention of blood, kidnapping] Prompt #23: “Stop acting so. If I put the 616 version, the holy grial war would not last two days. A/N: Hello my. Pairing: Loki x Reader. Because I chose this Dr, well because the one in the comics is practically OP for this universe. The green monster emerged victorious each time. The Truth, by Stanisław Lem. It only took a second for you to recognize that you were in one of the hospital rooms and that the rapid beating was coming from a heart monitor hooked up to you. I'm open to request. Truth (Loki x Reader) Summary: Loki has found out his true heritage and is struggling to confess to you in fear of your reaction. This is a compilation of one-shots. Pairing: Steve x agent!Reader . Reply. Pairings: Slight! Doctor Strange x Christine, Slight! Hi can u pls write a dr strange x reader where ur his apprentice? U 2 have feeling for each other but never acted on it. Though his . The plain overlooked a sky that will soon be filled with a. Yandere Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange) Originally posted by therantygeek. Photos not available for this variation. That's indeed in the works. Author’s Note: This is actually based off something I saw where Peter Parker is apparently a huge fan of Captain America’s in the comics. Published by: Marvel Comics. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Comic Book reports Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double, C. He healed his hands and learned more about Magic, eventually becoming a Master of the . Put a spell on your Funko collection with a Doctor Strange Funko Pop! Vinyl figure. Pairings: AU Dr Laszlo Kreizler x fem! reader. Doctor Strange. “Cloak! You’re incorrigible!,”. “Open Your Mind,” advises the trailer to the forthcoming movie of Doctor Strange. I suggest listening to this while reading. This book is containing a handful of Marvel Characters and Actors x Reader short stories, one shots if you like. All adaptions of the characters are free to use. A/N: Reader has powers that let them have visions of the future [ writings-of-a-british-fangirl 16k follower celebration info/prompt list ] [ request here ] Ever since Stephen became Doctor Strange, became a wizard, you couldn’t help but be worried about it him. Being Doctor Strange’s apprentice would involve: Stephen taking you under his wing much like the Ancient One did for him; while you’re not nearly as arrogant as he was when he started his training, you can be just as stubborn. Warnings: blood, death, mentions of PTSD, elements of war, really sad. “Yeah, so. Strange Ways, Here We Come: Marvel’s Dr Strange and his psychedelic secrets. Of course, he did his job right, working miracles on many patients, but it didn’t make him a nicer human being at all. I’ve been so freaking excited to receive an ask about her. Months pass and the now reformed Doctor Stephen Strange offers you the deal of a lifetime, to be his apprentice. Warnings: Like one bad word. My name’s Wednesday and I just really love Marvel! And I love writing about it! Feel free to send in your requests! I write about any and every marvel character (plus most actors) but my favourites are Deadpool, Bucky Barnes, Loki, Steve Rogers, and Peter Parker! Keep the world safe from mystical forces when you slip on a Dr. Oh. In his home, Strange sits staring at a bottle of vodka. k. Request: Hello love! Can I request a Loki x reader about Thor: Ragnarok? The reader is Strange’s apprentice or something like that and she meets Thor and Loki, and Loki feels attracted to . "One is just that Strange, Peter, and Wanda aren't dead/dying at all, and The Death of Doctor Strange, the Amazing Spider-Man storyline, and this current X-Men story arc will end in twists on the . A/N: yeah so I wrote a second part to the very first fanfic I ever wrote. Together, they broke out of the Kyln . She said that 'anorexia, despite being a "disease", also involves a series of very bad decisions, for which we as the . Black Bolt actually spoke. Hello love!! Could you please write a Doctor Strange imagine where the reader is dating Stephen and she’s a badass sorcerer? And she has a cloak of levitation too? And they’re like a super badass couple? Love your blog, by the way!! Strange enters gradually into a turbulent syncretic world traversed by pagan formulae, incantations, creatures Babylonian (Marduk, previous owner of the ‘book of Vishanti’ possessed by the Doctor) and Sumerian (the Hosts of Hoggoth), and by the gods of ancient Egypt and Vedic culture (as seen in the beautiful graphic novel of the 70s, Into . 50(w) x 8. Issues read: Steve Englehart’s Doctor Strange run was from 1973-1976 and included Marvel Premiere #9-14 and then rolled into Doctor Strange #1-18. Yandere! Tony x Reader. instagram. Sounds great! So . Loki’s a soft boi in this one, idk I but . com/bucky. …and yeah, H. He sought revenge on Ronan the Accuser for killing his wife and daughter, and went on a rampage across the galaxy, ending with him being imprisoned by the Nova Corps in the Kyln. Some angst but I make up for it with fluff and lots and lots of kisses. What If. It’s worth noting that Byrne draws a terrific Dr. girl if you want to see my edits (I know they are not the best sorry) Peter needs you to be calm. Dr Strange Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers. See a recent post on Tumblr from @luthiensaralonde about doctor-strange-x-reader. Series: It’s all a Little Strange, Chapter 8 Masterlist. •He can be a bit snarky but he mainly does it just to get a reaction from you, he finds you so entertaining. · 3y. A/N: this fic is inspired by the song All I’ve Ever Known by Lewis Capaldi. Heartbroken n consumed with madness, u tried to destroy d world. Yondu Udonta was the Centaurian leader of an exiled faction of the Ravagers and the adoptive father of Peter Quill. I Love You (Stephen Strange X reader)Summary: you’re getting married to stephen Requested by anon It was a lovely autumn day, late afternoon. Pairing: Stephen Stranger x reader Warnings: angst, sexual tension, cold/aggressive behavior Word Count: 1. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 1-2 (1988 – 1989) By Peter Gillis and Richard Case. Strange storyline, Through an Orb Darkly!, script by Steve Englehart (co-plot, script) and Frank Brunner (co-plot), pencils by Frank Brunner, inks by Dick Giordano; Silver Dagger infiltrates the Sanctum Sanctorum, throws silver dagger into Strange's back, and takes the Eye of Agamotto amulet and Clea; Strange is pulled . But before his wounds can mend, Strange must first let go of his painful past and awaken a gift granted to very few. Strange t-shirt. Christine Palmer: We invented that technique. Keep reading Sort by: best. Enjoy the marvellous adventures and stories of the Sorcerer Supreme and reader. NONE of the violent or invasive . Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep. I invented a laminectomy procedure, and yet, somehow no one seems to want to call it the “Strange Technique”. Warnings: Mentions of obsession, manipulation, stalking, and Yandere elements. Beast of Nohel (created by Cyrus Black) Belasco (Otherplace, X-Men/New Mutants/Ka-Zar foe) Belathauzer (demon, Devil-slayer foe) Bentley, Clive (Dr. Lovecraft. There, Drax became uneasy allies with Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot. Stephen Strange is awakened one night by a nightmare. —. Doctor Strange, while born in 1930 (according to Marvel's own wiki, [although, I've long held a slightly different time-line wherein he was born in 1900, I'll post my timeline one day - for the curious]), was a mortal man for most of his life, well into his time as a mystic. " Hang on, Peter, I've got you kiddo. All in all, I remember thinking this was a great little read, and it wouldn’t take long until The Fantastic Four became a much better book to me than the X . The Dr Strange we see in this story is from the MCU. She became the Sorceress Supreme and was having an affair with the Asgardian god of mischief, Loki. “Of course I did, I practiced the heart’s construction, so I can . “I hope you studied a little more than the last time, love. C. Doctor Strange X Reader First Book Fanfiction. You woke up and walked to Bucky’s room. Pairing: Dr Strange x reader Warnings: death, angst Request: Hello. Strange sat on top of you, waiting. S. Condition: Like new. In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X somewhere on the Mexican border. A/N: There aren’t many Doctor Strange fanfics out there so I did a little thing it’s basiclly just fluff. Doctor Strange of Earth X was killed by his wife, Clea, while he was in the astral form. Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands? by JRS. I didn’t know Marvel did that to Doctor Strange in “Infinity War”? So they basically threw him under the bus? Now I’m beginning to wonder if they’re using DS as a tool for an agenda to discredit anything remotely woo-woo. Open in app. Slowly opening it you saw steve and Bucky in bed. SHOW LESS. Luckily I find a shortcut and get home in half the time it would usually take me. Which is why I feel like the MCU version is a bit more Fate-level. See original listing. Keep reading – Peter Parker x Reader. This is probably the FIRST Doctor Strange x Reader lemon. Synopsis: Dr. For years you have been locked in a sniping war over eBay with the same account. In fact, he was confident enough to make romantic advises via chocolates and roses. A lot of Marvel fans seem to think that Tony Stark wearing the Levitation Cloak spells trouble for Doctor Strange. With the help of Dr. You woke with a start and sat up before you even registered what was happening. You sniffed as you saw the world turn black now before Stephen leaned over you once more, kissing you. level 1. June 28, 2017 bluereadergal Leave a comment. Please can I have a dr strange imagine in IW where his girlfriend who have elements control and she was with him when they went to space and fought thanos and she got a bit injured but she says that she’s alright while she was talking to Tony on how they need to get back home , she saw everyone despairing and she look at dr . – Happy Birthday: – Peter Parker x Reader. •Tony finds you absolutely adorable and loves the idea of being able to tell you what to do. Doctor Strange Imagine. I will definitely watch Doctor Strange again, once I watch D. This episode is an absolute bombshell and demonstrates why Marvel needed to do this series: in order to take its characters to incredible spaces, inside and out. Strange x Reader] “A/N: A fic I did for @loki-the-fox’s Halloween writing challenge with the prompt: 50. It's assumed that the Time Stone is still in the Eye of Agamotto, but Ebony Maw . Stephen Strange: Oh, well, good, I’m glad something’s named after me. When modern medicine failed him, he embarked on a journey to Kamar-Taj in Tibet, where he was trained by the Ancient One. ? comics were my favorite line, growing up. Yandere! Stephen Strange x Reader. Creators: The first half of the run was by Englehart and artist Frank Brunner. Strange’s apprentice comes to a head when Loki and Thor arrive against their will for a chat about Odin. The material tightened around two of you, pushing you closer to one another, so in the end you had to wrap your arms around Stephen’s waist. Dr. You’re a college student majoring in neurological studies. A word of warning it may be a bit sloppy and overall not as detailed (I'm not one for them). The upcoming death of the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange is apparently going to leave Earth vulnerable to mystical threats, and man oh man did Marvel Comics go the creepy route. You mused as you slowly paced in front of Strange. This chapter is for Baron mordoY/N's POV:I sighed as I walked through the automatic glass doors that exited from the hospital where I worked as a neurosurgeon. However, Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces. Strange, . Thank you for the submission! tf2 tf2 headcanons team fortress 2 team fortress 2 headcanons ms. 4k+ Summary: You’re Stephen Strange’s apprentice and you have a feeling he doesn’t like you even though you’re in love with him. Dec 5, 2016. , a. My first request in a long time! Sorry it is short and a little crappy but I have a lot going on with NaNoWriMo and music stuff. Everyone considers me the purest girl to ever walk this planet. Stephen Strange: Regardless, I’m very flattered by your policy. ”. Always ready . Will the pain push you apart or remind you of a love that consumes? Warnings: Violence, Miscarriage, Depression, SMUT. 20 years later, Joel, his wife (y/n) and their friend, Tess, are tasked to smuggle a teenage girl, Ellie, who is somehow immune to the infection. Nov 14, 2018 - Read The Power Of Deduction from the story Doctor Strange X Reader First Book by SarahCroft08 with 2,984 reads. Doctor Strange x Reader || It’s All a Little Strange || Chapter 4. ". Stephen Strange x Reader (oneshots) by Nimianne 11. " Tony blasted off with the limp teen in his arms and flew to the Tower. chatroom, mystic, doctorstrange. I u. Fate Comics (1985) /// Book of Fate (1997) | Helmet of Fate (2007) | Countdown to Mystery (2007) Dr Strange Comics /// Dr Strange and Dr Doom Triumph and Torment (1989) Dragon Age Comics. SkyStar54. My name’s Wednesday and I just really love Marvel! And I love writing about it! Feel free to send in your requests! I write about any and every marvel character (plus most actors) but my favourites are Deadpool, Bucky Barnes, Loki, Steve Rogers, and Peter Parker! A lot of Marvel fans seem to think that Tony Stark wearing the Levitation Cloak spells trouble for Doctor Strange. November's The . The gift of magic. Summary: after the decimation, Stephen comes back to not only a battle but to another surprise. When he was still a doctor, Dr. Welcome home (Stephen Strange x reader) MINOR ENDGAME SPOILERS . Pairings: Loki x Male!Reader Warnings: None, this will be very short Word Count: 374 Words Not proof-Read-- Oranges to orange juice. You will find Romance, Drama, Humour and everything in between. When you woke up, you grasped onto your head, grumbling from the major headache. Summary: reader and Steve talk through past traumas when the reader comes back from a heartwrenching mission. Doctor Strange (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Requests are open _____ “(Y/N) where is my Cloak?” here is my editing Instagram- https://www. He ponders over where he has come in his life since he was a vain surgeon and an alcoholic. Here I sit writing in a locked room, where the door has no handle and the windows can’t be opened. Use the black magic of a Doctor Strange hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. Discover more posts about doctor-strange-x-reader. A doctor strange x shy reader would be awesome! Reply. Stephen is a very smart man so his powers aren’t his first resort, even though his personality did a complete 180 he’s still confident in himself. Beyonder (Secret Wars character) - by Madison Carter. •Tony spoils you rotten, sending you gifts just about every single day whether you know . Strange, and it’s a real shame that he turned his talents to that character during his time at Marvel beyond the odd guest appearance. Dec 3, 2016. Ice, has arrived in London to begin filming Doctor Strange in the . John Naughton elevates to the astral plane to investigate. When he ultimately does, a lot of tears and kisses ensue. I felt a few droplets of rain fall before it starts pouring and I curse myself for forgetting an umbrella. . Strange character) - by Spidermay. He is reading a doctor strange comic in the original picture. After the skilled Doctor Strange operates on your injury, you promise yourself to see him again. I do love me a bit of Doctor Strange though! Requests and ships are still open for all fandoms I write for though guys Greater Good - Doctor Strange x Reader. First appearance of the Silver Dagger in the beginning of a classic Dr. From LSD to Ayn Rand to Satanism, the roots of Marvel’s latest superstar are a tangle of the American unconscious. DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE: X-MEN/BLACK KNIGHT #1 SI SPURRIER (W) BOB QUINN (A) Cover by CORY SMITH Variant Cover by MATIAS BERGARA LONDON'S BURNING! THE BLACK KNIGHTS RIDE AGAIN! All manner of vile extradimensional foes invade Earth following the collapse of Doctor Strange's magical safeguards for the planet. I have my desires and I want to let it out! Drax is a former Kylosian intergalactic criminal and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I hope this ends up being a bit fluffy and just fun to read. 30(d) About the Author Susanna Clarke is the author of the The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories and the New York Times bestseller and Hugo Award–winning Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell . The room was silent save for the steady tapping of your shoes hitting the ground and your robes rustling with every movement. You chuckled softly, and gasped through parted lips as you smelled Stephen’s cologne. Stephen Strange embarks on a wondrous journey to the heights of a Tibetan mountain, where he seeks healing at the feet of the mysterious Ancient One. Pairing: tony x reader, stucky x reader. pastelitosconjamon75 asked: Yandere headcanons for Stephen Strange (Dr. News Reader iOS App – Blog. If you want a few quick reads instead of starting a novel, this is the book for you. It can shatter your mind. (Originally published on . The Last of Us (Joel x Reader) Masterlist. This evil version overpowers the good Strange, absorbs him, and uses his power to resurrect Palmer, tearing reality apart. Strange does offer to provide assistance in a spell that allows him to be in multiple locations at once – which he uses to simultaneously request assistance from virtually the entire earth bound Marvel Universe, including Reed Richards, the Night Nurse, the Beast, Hank Pym, and even foes such as Doc Ock, Doctor Doom, and Morbius the Living Vampire. Strange was once a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon, until a car accident crippled his hands. , as well as New Avengers Annual #2 . 125. Doctor Strange's inaugural comics run was in the pages of “Strange Tales”, a title the doctor first shared with the Human Torch and then Nick Fury from issue #110 through #168. dr strange x anorexic reader

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